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For the best supply of quality trees & plants, landscaping designs & installations serviced by a team of professionals that prides their work and customer satisfaction.

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Verbancic Tree Supply offers a large range of services…

Your satisfaction means everything to us.  That ‘s why we guarantee it!

Property Maintenance


Whether it be your new gardens or an existing one, proper maintenance and care is very important - not just because you want them to look good, but you also want them to be healthy.

Believe it or not, a little bit of carefully planned pruning, thinning and/or transplanting as needed can go a long way to ensuring the health of your plants and trees.

As well, your gardens need regular nutrition to promote healthy growth in addition to treatments to prevent some of the diseases or conditions that certain plants & trees are susceptible to.  

Verbanicic Tree Supply is ready to take care of your property maintenance needs…

Our Satisfaction Guarantee:

At Verbancic Tree Supply we stand behind the quality of our products and services.

Your satisfaction means everything to us.  That’s why we guarantee it!

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Property Maintenance Top of Page Call: (905) 509-2500


& Transplanting


One of the items which quite often is forgotten about in the details of a garden/property renovation is what to do with the old landscaping (trees & plants) and getting the new landscaping to your property.

Well rest assured VTS has that covered.  Of course it all starts with careful consideration of how plants & trees are to be transplanted or removed.

We have access to all of the specialty equipment necessary to get the job done.  Whether it is carefully removing plants & trees or the ground preparation and delicate placement of new landscaping into the locations planned for your project.

No worries, we’ve got it under control...

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Installations & Transplanting Call: (905) 509-2500

Installation & Transplanting

Property Maintenance

Landscape Design


Most successful projects in life (business or personal) can typically point to strong planning as being a key contributing factor.

Likewise, when undertaking a landscaping project, planning can make a big difference in terms of the end result.

At Verbancic Tree Supply, we can help you to achieve the results you envision for the transformation of your gardens or properties.

Our professional landscape designers can work with you to design that custom look you are after.  We leverage our horticultural knowledge and our access to specialty products to build you that dream property which you can enjoy for years…


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Landscape Design Call: (905) 509-2500

Landscape Design

Consultation & Sourcing


With over 50 years of  experience, one of the things we pride ourselves in at Verbancic Tree Supply is our horticultural knowledge and ability to source specialty trees and plants.

We’re not boasting by any means, but the horticultural side to the planning and caring for  trees & gardens is not something we take lightly.

So when you ask us for advice,  there is lot to consider in the caring of your plants in addition to planning out your garden.  Believe it or not… certain plants & trees work better together.

They are a living community and you are their custodian…

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Consultation & Sourcing Call: (905) 509-2500

Consultation  & Sourcing